A master tone control, which just affects the dual humbucking pickups, is also included. The Gibson Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess would definitely be a great addition to anyone’s guitar collection and the great features show playability has certainly not been overlooked.

A licensed Floyd Rose bridge is standard on this model for those animated and quirky lead lines Alex Lifeson(/alex-lifeson-les-paul-axcess-guitar/) is known and loved for and the two high class finishes really complete this model. Newly-designed with the Rush legend, Alex Lifeson’s new Gibson signature model embodies classic playability together with progressive features which will no doubt please a variety of guitar players.

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The usual punchy, thick rhythm tones are standard from all Les Pauls but this models included Graphtech Ghost piezo pickup means you can also great rich acoustic tone! Separate push-pull volume controls are also included for coil split and on the more traditional 498T bridge and 496R pickups while the piezo gets it’s own volume control for maximum diversity.

Many tonal and multi-layer tones can be achieved thanks to the additional “Life-O-Sound” jack output which can be used in conjunction with the normal mono output to send your signal in varying directions without the need for splitter boxes or additional hardware.


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