Choice Medical Group is one of the topmost clinics that provide abortion services to women in Northern California. The clinic also provides free pregnancy tests on a walk-in basis. They have clinics in Sacramento, San Jose, Fremont and San Francisco, all of which are strategically close to major airports and public transportation stations.”

Basically, there are three surgical abortions, Manual Vacuum Aspiration, Electric Vacuum Aspiration and Dilation and Evacuation (D&E) surgical abortion. After an initial consultation, you will return for one of the three outpatient surgical procedures depending on the length of your pregnancy and your health history. Women who are in the second trimester can terminate the pregnancy via a Dilation and Evacuation (D&E) surgical abortion. Electric Vacuum Aspiration is performed between 7-12 weeks following the last menstrual period.

Discussing further, the senior physician said, “Manual Vacuum Aspiration is also known as a “quiet abortion”, which can be performed 4 weeks after the first day of the last menstrual period.”

Choice Medical Group has been providing premium abortion care to women residing in Northern California for over 25 years.

A senior physician at the clinic recently stated, “We at Choice Medical Group go the extra mile to provide you complete support at this crucial phase of your life. The physicians carefully examine the health history of the women, and depending on the length of the pregnancy, they decide which surgical abortion procedure can be successfully performed. Thanks to their courteous staff members, they are now considered one of the most renowned Sacramento Abortion clinics in the area. Choice Medical Group is a reputable clinic that performs different abortion procedures for women residing in Sacramento, California. Surgical abortions are performed at their premises, and these procedures are applicable electric bicycles on sale to women who are between their 4th and 24th week of pregnancy. They perform Medical and Surgical Abortion procedures at their premises.


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